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EA Consulting Services

Are you struggling to get the highest possible productivity gain from an advanced modeling tool such as Sparx’ Enterprise Architect?

Do you encounter difficulties integrating your application development lifecycle tools to get a full fletched ALM Solution?

Mithun offers, as an extension to our many years of experience in UML and SysML modeling training and coaching, EA consulting services. Our consultants are UML and SysML certified.

Our EA services include:

  • EA Setup and Implementation
    • What is the most optimal configuration?
    • How to manage your data?
    • How to manage users?
  • EA Consultancy Services
    • Applying modeling techniques/languages such as UML, BPM and SysML
    • Interface EA with complementary ALM solutions such as Polarion ALM or others.
    • Data exchange
  • Apply UML Profiles and Deploy MDG (Model Driven Generation) Technologies
  • Configuring EA
    • Enhance and simplify the User Interface
    • Document Generation
    • Development of complex Scripts
    • Advanced queries using SQL

DOORS DXL Consulting Services

If you are working with DOORS Classic, DXL (DOORS Extension Language) is the scripting tool to customize DOORS to meet your specific requirements

We can help you to get the most out of DOORS!

Mithun offers as an extension to our many years of experience in Requirements Engineering training and coaching and tools now also DOORS DXL consulting services. 

Our consultants have many years of experience working with and customizing DOORS. We can help you to further professionalize your DOORS environment.

However if you are interested to migrate from DOORS to Polarion, we can ensure minimal data loss, protecting your years of investment in intellectual property, with minimal disruption of your operation.

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