Mithun offers the Polarion ALM solutions of Siemens Digital Industries Software in the Benelux market. In combination with our training and consultancy services we are able to offer our customers a complete offering for software intensive product development.

We offer in this program:


Polarion has four main versions:

Polarion comes with a huge amount of industry and project knowledge, standard our-of-the-box. This means that the time needed to configure Polarion, to support your processes is limited. It is also possible to add, free or against a small fee, industry specific templates to your Polarion configuration. Some project templates that are available:

  • Functional Safety compliance with ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and CMMI standards
  • Compliance for Medical Device engineering with: IEC 62304 /FDA 21 CFR Part 820 and 11
  • Systems Engineering templates for ISO 15288

Our Polarion Training Courses:

Our Polarion training courses are highly interactive. During the entire course you will be intensively working with Polarion. After every short introduction of a topic, the participants will have a practical hands-on exercise. See the links below for more detailed course descriptions.

Polarion Implementation Support:

Mithun has a lot of experience implementing Polarion at our customers. Polarion's strength lies in the fact that an implementation is highly efficient. In most cases you need to consider, a couple of days training plus an average of ten days of implementation consultancy, with your first project template as deliverable. This template will support your engineering processes and your specific terminology. As a next step you can use this template for a broader roll-out of Polarion in your organization.

Polarion Customization Services:

If you require some assistance to develop additional functionality for your Polarion configuration, we can help you.

This service is on-call basis. Based on your functional specifications and desired user interaction, we will send you a fixed price proposal.

Possible topics are:

  • Complex SQL queries
  • Custom programming in HTML, Wiki, JavaScript, Velocity and Macro's in classical Polarion Wiki's
  • Development of specific reports and reusable widgets
  • Defining specific cron-jobs (batch programs which run in the background)
  • Defining specific workflow event handlers

We can deliver this service offsite and onsite.

Mithun Managed Services:

Mithun Managed Services (MMS) is a service to host your Polarion configuration.  MMS relieves you of managing your server, and the installation and technical management of your Polarion software configuration.

Mithun makes sure that the server and the Polarion configuration is available 24/7, during the SLA contract period, with a minimal up-time of 98%. Downtime for regular and specific maintenance are excluded from this 98% up-time.

Our Managed Services offering includes the following components

  • The Cloud server environment:
    • The location of the server is in the Netherlands
    • 8 GB RAM or more
    • 2 Cores
    • 100 GB disk space or more
    • Daily back-ups, to external servers at a different location in the Netherlands
    • The domain name will be determined in consultation with our customer
    • The server is managed and monitored
    • Monthly performance reporting
  • Complementary services, included:
    • Installation of Polarion, of the by our customer desired version and any complementary components
    • Technical Polarion product support
    • First line support contact through the Mithun Service desk
    • Managed Services Activities, such as hardware and OS software updates and monitoring

We can offer these services for a short period (a couple of months) and long term, to offer you optimal flexibility.

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