Scrum Masters

Mithun offers a wide range of courses to get novice Scrum masters going.


The Scrum master is the coach of the Scrum team and ensures that the Scrum team can focus on their work, without unnecessary disruptions. Next to soft skills the Scrum master has to possess skills like requirements engineering. He supports the product owner and the team with:

  • setting up and maintaining the product backlog
  • setting up an effective product planning
  • preparing user stories for upcoming sprints
  • setting up clear acceptance criteria
  • proclaiming the use of Scrum within the team and the organization, so everybody understands the true meaning

The scrum master role requires a lot of practice and you need a good theoretical basis. We recommend you start with our Requirement Engineering Foundations course. Here you will experience the benefits and the difficulties of setting up understandable requirements in agile and traditional environments.

Then continue with our Applying Scrum course, a short, practical and very doable course which will give you a solid practical introduction to Scrum and a lot of practical insights.  For a more formalized track we offer the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course.

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