Product Owners

We offer you a full track to become a true Scrum product owner.

The product owner defines the product vision and makes the translation to customer requirements or user stories. That is why the skills you need as product owner are very similar to a requirements engineer and business analyst. But there are some differences:

  • You are mandated to make decisions on behalf of the business on content and on prioritization
  • You organize the work of the development team by:
    • Setting up and maintaining a product backlog
    • Determining the priorities in the product backlog, in line with the product vision and business value
    • Refining the top prioritized user stories with the Scrum team for the upcoming sprints

Next to the basic communication skills, you need to be the liaison between business and your development team and you need to understand the dynamics of Scrum. We recommend you to start with the Requirements Engineering Foundations course, to work on your requirements engineering skills.

Then attend a practical Applying Scrum course or a more formalized Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) track.

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