Polarion SDK Training

We offer a full track to fully understand how to work with the software development kit of Polarion.

This course is meant for Polarion Super Users and Technical Product Administrators

During this two-days course you will learn the following:

  • The Polarion Development Configuration
  • Polarion project administration review
  • Introduction to Polarion classic wiki
  • The Polarion database scheme used by SQL, which is applied in queries and wiki
  • Introduction to the SDK java class schema, which can be used by the the wiki velocity and JavaScript based event handlers
  • Define workflow event handlers
  • Define a cron-job
  • Explanation of the individual and combining technology of:
    • Page parameters, Wiki, HTML, JavaScript, Velocity and Macro's in Polarion classic Wiki's
    • Page parameters, HTML and Velocity in Polarion widgets (Widget SDK)

Polarion Automation by scripting


Technology (Client side)

Technology (Server side)

Classic Wiki

Wiki, Javascript,

Velocity, SQL, Macro's

Workflow event



Cron job






Prerequisites: the attendee shall have knowledge of:

  • Polarion project administration
  • HTML and JavaScript concepts
  • SQL basics
  • Programming through scripting  Wiki

Not included is: 

  • Java based Polarion SDK programming.

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