Polarion SDK Training

We offer a full track to fully understand how to work with the software development kit of Polarion.

This course is meant for Polarion Super Users and Technical Product Administrators

During this two-days course you will learn the following:

Polarion SDK and Velocity

Installing and configuring the SDK

  • Requirements and compatibility
  • First steps after installation, configuration and setup

Working with the Polarion SDK

  • Organizing a SDK-project
  • Common SDK-calls and interactions.
  • Common issues and solutions while working with the SDK

Basics of Velocity

  • Introduction to the Velocity Template Language (VTL): syntax and structure
  • How Velocity is integrated in Polarion

Applying Velocity in Polarion

  • Creating and modifying Velocity templates for pages
  • Integration of Velocity scripts in wiki-pages and other Polarion modules
  • Tips and tricks for efficient and effective Velocity scripting
  • Finding errors and optimizing Velocity within the Polarion context

The SDK and Velocity will return in more depth during the upcoming sessions

Creating and modifying Wiki pages

  • Exploring the user interface: tools and options for page layout
  • Rich-text editing, including adding media, links, and tables


Introduction to Widgets

  • What are Widgets and why are they important?
  • Overview of default available widgets
  • How widgets contribute to adaptability and functionality of dashboards and wiki-pages

 Working with Widgets and Render SDK

  • Adding, configuring and customizing existing default widgets
  • Integration of widgets in wiki pages and dashboards: tips and tricks
  • Setting up data connectors and filters for widgets
  • Introduction to Render SDK: what is it and how does it work with widgets
  • Creating custom widgets using the Render SDK: basics, integration points and examples

Java script in Polarion

Basics of Java script

  • Basic concepts: variables, data types, functions, and events
  • How does JavaScript work in a web context

 Java script

  • Integration points: where and how does Polarion use Java script
  • Modifying Polarion functionality with custom Java script
  • Working with Polarion's Java script API's and libraries
  • Testing, debugging and optimizing Java scripts

SQL in Polarion

Basics of SQL

  • Basic concepts: queries, tables and links
  • SQL versus other database language technologies

Applying SQL in Polarion

  • Understanding the Polarion database structure and scheme
  • Writing SQL queries for specific Polarion data
  • Best practices for performant and safe queries
  • Integration of SQL queries in Polarion reports and dashboards


The attendee shall have knowledge of:

  • Polarion project administration
  • HTML and JavaScript concepts
  • SQL basics
  • Detailed programming through Wiki scripting

Not included is: 

  • Java based Polarion SDK programming

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