Client Stories

What did Valeo Egypt think of our work?

Before dealing with Mithun, having UML related training for embedded software engineering was a very hard task. To find a reliable supplier with massive experience and ability to tailor the training into your exact needs was a dream that came true when we dealt with Mithun. Mithun supplied Valeo Egypt with Real-time Architecture Analysis and Design using UML. After the first round, we were impressed by the expertise of Mithun that were noticed by our trainees and encouraged us to ask Mithun for customization of their standard classes to suit our embedded software background more. They did it very swiftly with excellence. Mithun is a real training partner that you can really count on.

Amr Abdelnaby
Technical Training Manager
Valeo Egypt.

What did Priva think of our work?

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Mithun Training & Consulting worked with Priva BV, a key player in the field of automated climate and process control for the horticultural and building intelligence markets, to create and implement a custom process for requirements engineering in their research and development division. Why did Priva need a custom process?

Priva, like many companies, works in an environment which cannot have an off-the-shelf process slapped in and expect it to work well for them. They had adopted Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and were looking for a way to turn the information gathered through that process into valuable requirements for their new product development using multiple development teams and a large number of internal stakeholders.

Mithun Training & Consulting assisted Priva in preparation for the project by organizing and holding awareness workshops and providing consulting on setting up a process for making the requirements set for the new product. In addition, Mithun Training & Consulting mentored the project team and transferred their knowledge of best practices to Priva.

The results of the team’s efforts have been enthusiastically accepted. This has given Priva a custom requirements engineering process that is repeatable and meets their specific needs. Not only that, it left the team energized and ready to put in the effort needed to make the current project a huge success as well as many more projects to come.

What did Philips think of our work?

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Since April 2004 Philips Centre for Technical Training offers Mithun's Requirements Management & Engineering course to Philips employees worldwide. We have run this course several times in Eindhoven, Hamburg and Southampton. The evaluations showed that the Mithun RM trainer had done a fantastic job. The participants especially valued the interactivity, the large amount of practical exercises, the coaching by the teacher and the clarifying discussions.

Herman Vroomen
Programme Manager IT
Philips Research Laboratories
Centre for Technical Training (CTT)

What did Sioux Embedded Systems think of our work?

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Mithun will never disappoint you. Mithun is a pleasant company to work with. They have a solid knowledge of their business and will never sell you something they do not understand.

Hans Odenthal
People Manager
Sioux Embedded Systems

What did RES Software think of our work?

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Mithun and their partner Agile42, assisted RES Software with the successful implementation of SCRUM as a framework for agile software development. This resulted in a proud and more productive Research and Development organization, which during the last 6 months was able to deliver every release with the required quality on the agreed release date.

Adrie Sweep
VP Research & Development
RES Software

A number of customer statements:

  • Excellent price-quality performance
  • Perform above expectations
  • Anticipation to our needs
  • They listen well, and respond quickly to our questions
  • Flexible
  • Adapt to offer the most suitable solution
  • Will not change our entire organization
  • High interaction level during their training courses
  • Some of their trainers are native English speakers



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